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  • Travel Times (Status)

    Travel time information (in real time) on selected routes on the Danish national road network.
  • Road Weather Condition Report, Municipality Level

    Road Weather Information and information about last salting/snow removal action for roads and bicycle paths at municipality level.
  • Administrative road data

    Feed with administrative data for the state road network. Data includes a number of different attributes for the individual road sections.
  • Traffic Signs Placement

    Information on placement of the variable traffic signs (VMS)
  • Intermediate Traffic Service from TomTom

    We developed TomTom Intermediate Traffic to deliver detailed, real-time traffic content to business customers who integrate it into their own applications.
  • Travel Times (Geo)

    The geographical layout of the part of the danish road-network with travel-time information.
  • Lorry Parking (Geo)

    Locations of lorry parking spots with live information (ITP).
  • CVF (Central Road and Path register)

    The Central Path and Road Register (CVF) is a register of data on paths and roads throughout Denmark.
  • Heavy vehicle road network

    Heavy vehicle road network
  • Traffic Signs Status

    Data containing traffic sign status information. What is shown right now on the variable message signs (VMS).
  • Road Weather Station Information

    Road temperature, air temperature and average wind speed measurements from Road Weather Stations on bridges and along the road network
  • Danish TMC Location Code Table

    The Location Code Table for use by digital map providers and TMC navigation device manufacturers.
  • Lorry Parking (Status)

    This data feed contains availability of lorry parking spots
  • Traffic Events and Roadworks

    Information about, accidents and other event type, period, affected areas, and often the estimated time before the road is cleared after an incident. Wind...
  • Speed limits, Danish state roads

    General, sign posted and local speed limits on the Danish state road network.
  • Vejinteressezone(Statsvej)

    Temaet viser vejinteressezoner for fremtidige statsveje, hvor der er vedtaget en anlægslov. Temaet viser ikke interessesoner for fremtidige statsveje med større usikkerhed om...
  • Vejbyggelinje(Statsvej)

    Datasættet indeholder grundlinjer for arealer langs eksisterende statsveje, hvor der er begrænsninger i mulighed for byggeri og anlæg jf. vejlovens § 40. Datasættet indeholder...
  • Adgangsbegrænsning(Statsvej)

    Datasættet indeholder markeringer af de statsvejstrækninger, hvor der er fastsat særlige bestemmelser om begrænsninger i adgang til vejen fra de tilstødende arealer jf....
  • Adgang(Statsvej)

    Datasættet indeholder markeringer for tilladte adgange til statsveje på adgangsbegrænsede strækninger jf. vejlovens § 51. Adgange på strækninger uden adgangsbegrænsninger er...
  • CVF - Centrale vej- og stifortegnelse

    Datasættet indeholder de veje og stier, der er registreret med geometri i CVF (centrale vej- og stifortegnelse). Objekterne i datasættet har tilknyttede attributter, der bl.a....