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  • Travel Times (Status)

    Travel time information (in real time) on selected routes on the Danish national road network.
  • Road Weather Condition Report, Municipality Level

    Road Weather Information and information about last salting/snow removal action for roads and bicycle paths at municipality level.
  • Administrative road data

    Feed with administrative data for the state road network. Data includes a number of different attributes for the individual road sections.
  • Traffic Signs Placement

    Information on placement of the variable traffic signs (VMS)
  • Intermediate Traffic Service from TomTom

    We developed TomTom Intermediate Traffic to deliver detailed, real-time traffic content to business customers who integrate it into their own applications.
  • Travel Times (Geo)

    The geographical layout of the part of the danish road-network with travel-time information.
  • Lorry Parking (Geo)

    Locations of lorry parking spots with live information (ITP).
  • CVF (Central Road and Path register)

    The Central Path and Road Register (CVF) is a register of data on paths and roads throughout Denmark.
  • Heavy vehicle road network

    Heavy vehicle road network
  • Traffic Signs Status

    Data containing traffic sign status information. What is shown right now on the variable message signs (VMS).
  • Road Weather Station Information

    Road temperature, air temperature and average wind speed measurements from Road Weather Stations on bridges and along the road network
  • Danish TMC Location Code Table

    The Location Code Table for use by digital map providers and TMC navigation device manufacturers.
  • Lorry Parking (Status)

    This data feed contains availability of lorry parking spots
  • Traffic Events and Roadworks

    Information about, accidents and other event type, period, affected areas, and often the estimated time before the road is cleared after an incident. Wind...
  • Speed limits, Danish state roads

    General, sign posted and local speed limits on the Danish state road network.
  • DK INSPIRE Orthoimagery

    Register der beskriver omfang og nøgletal i og omkring årets forårs ortofotoflyving og dens resultater.
  • DK INSPIRE Named place

    Danish Named Place data contain names on everything from the tree “Konge egen” and the city center to the peninsula Jutland. There are 140,000 Danish Named Places in total, all...
  • DK INSPIRE Building

    Representation of a building's built-up and covered area.
  • DK INSPIRE Land Cover

    Land Cover Vector features from Denmark. The contents are data from the data set "GeoDanmark", transformed to the INSPIRE Land Cover Vector GML application schema v4.0.
  • DK INSPIRE Maritime Unit

    Maritime unit features from Denmark. The contents are data from the data set "DAGI", transformed to the INSPIRE Maritime Units GML application schema v3.0.
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